The art of finding yourself


It sounds cheesy, I admit it. Probably that’s a title you would find on a lifestyle magazine or esoteric book for people feeling lost. My teacher once told us that he studied philosophy to understand life purpose, but he still has no idea. Okay that’s not true. He has many ideas, interesting theories. But how does a theory satisfy your hunger of belonging somewhere? How does it give you direction in life? 

Maybe it doesn’t and maybe it’s the wrong question to ask.

However, I can tell that finding yourself is a journey. It doesn’t matter if you start this journey early or late, you can feel lost in any age. What truly matters is realizing that you want more out of life, more out of yourself. Finding yourself, your interests, your values and your dreams can be part of growing up. Still enough people already have children themselves but no idea of what they want in life. That’s when you start asking yourself about your life purpose.

I think pure knowledge isn’t what counts in this case. What does count is what you feel. How you feel. Each one of us is different, that’s no big secret to share. Each one of us is gifted with a talent, with passion for something. The very first step of finding yourself is to not let others influence your thoughts. Secondly, never doubt yourself when something goes wrong in life. Why?

Imagine clouds covering the sun. The sun exists behind those clouds and you know that for sure. Also, you know that clouds are going to pass. Now imagine you are the sun and other people’s opinions are those clouds. If you always focus on what someone else thinks, your chance to see through the clouds are low. Which means you won’t be able to discover the sun, yourself and your own thoughts and interests. As I mentioned before, you are aware of the fact that clouds are going to pass. Same is it with life obstacles. Everything is going to pass, every sorrow, every urge. Don’t blame yourself, you are the always shining sun behind any cloud. I give Amy Johnson, a PhD psychologist credit for this metaphor. It’s up to you from which perspective you want to see your current situation. You can either be the one looking up the sky, being depressed by all those clouds, confused because you can’t find what you truly desire or you can be on the other side. Which means seeing everything from the side of the sun, knowing that nothing matters more than that it is and always be shining.

If you get to the fact that how you feel is up to you, you reach a new point of awareness. Maybe that’s your satisfaction. Maybe life purpose is just being and finding yourself are just other words for being aware of yourself. I doubt that you need philosophy (although I love philosophy), setting life goals or anything else to understand your life purpose because your true purpose is just living and being. Of course one can argue about that, but isn’t it exactly „that you can find in countless wise quotes? Aren’t people who don’t always feel the need for something, people living in the present moment happier? I don’t claim that finding yourself is easy, it just needs a lot of insight.


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