How to Form Authentic Connection


Photo by Jeana Shandraw

Authentic connection is why we are here. In order to form genuine connection with others, you have to wholeheartedly be yourself.

Allies (Alexandra Michelle) texts are wise and beautiful. That’s why I wanted to reblog her post about the art of staying yourself.

Authentic connection is why we are here. Every being on this earth craves connection in some form. About a year ago I started to observe the different ways that people connect. One of the first things that I noticed was False Connection. One person would try to connect with another through a negative pattern. Sometimes they would complain about a situation or talk poorly about another person because it was something the two of them had in common. This would create a false sense of bonding. In the millennial age, our lives revolve around constant connection, but it’s not always authentic. I wanted to know how to get underneath all of the guarded layers people put up, including myself, in order to start attracting genuine connection.

Right when I started to look into all of this, my yoga teacher randomly emailed me a Ted talk called The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown. Life often sends us miracles that are the catalysts for huge leaps of growth. This talk was one of them. Her theory was that in order to live an authentic life, you have to be vulnerable. It is impossible to make genuine connection without vulnerability. I used to think that vulnerability was fragile or weak. I wanted to put on a face and be strong and portray a certain image to the world. It took me months to learn that the strongest you will ever be is when you are in your vulnerability. When you are being authentic, you are fully in your power because you are one with your natural state.To see someone for their soul, as well as allow yourself to be fully seen….that is love and that is strength.

Sometimes we live in the illusion that our happiness depends on other peoples acceptance or opinions of us, but this is never true. People will praise you or they will judge you, both of which are out of your control. You can never make someone see you a certain way. Your job is to just be yourself, and allow others to do the same. When you take a step back and allow people to be who they are (rather than project onto them who you think they are), you are creating a space for genuine connection to be formed.

Never lower yourself to make someone else feel comfortable. In order for growth to happen, you have to be willing to get uncomfortable. You do everyone a huge service by staying in your authentic state because it inspires people to meet you where you are at. Once this happens, False Connection becomes Authentic Connection. Imagine living in a world where that is present in everyone!

By Allie Michelle

Source: How to Form Authentic Connection


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