Inspired by the recent daily post Photo Challenge „Frame – Use your surroundings to capture a different point of view“ I wanted to do exactly that.

I remember discussing with a friend how I love the idea about looking at things from other people’s point of views. But is that even possible? However, I can try to see and feel things from someone else’s point of view. I can try to emphasize with other people, even though I will probably never truly understand.  What makes art worth sharing is individualism, learning new things and expanding our horizon. There are uncountable different ways of expressing something. That is why I took my camera with me taking a walk, going to the library or city with a friend. Capturing a lot over the year, I can say that one can find beauty in almost everything, that my city isn’t boring at all. It’s about details, about how „we frame what we see through our lens.“




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Frame your day – Stuttgart

14 pictures I captured in my every day life.


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