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Thailand 90s – lost and found


Being lost and found – How does arriving in a foreign country you have no clue about feels like? Listening to a language you don’t understand and not being understood by yourself? Breathing subtropical air, any second something new to see, to hear or smell. You feel lost. Lost in a culture so different than anything you ever knew.

At the same time you feel found. You can finally let go. Life feels easy walking down the market drinking coconuts, swimming at the beach or having midnight walks when everyone is still awake. Difference brings new perspectives. Your life doesn’t have to be planned, that’s what this country teaches you. What really counts is living by the day, making it the very best of your life. However you don’t have to go swimming with sharks or jumping from an airplane to do that. Just relax. That’s it. We forget to relax by all the work and pressure in our society.



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